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  • signs for reopening education

Reopening Education

Make sure your students, teachers and staff are protected during the reopening. Copies&Ink offers a wide variety of eye-catching reminders

Perseverance during Hard Times

If you enjoy podcasts, Guy Kawasaki has a wonderful series called Remarkable People. In a recent episode, he recounted ten steps to for businesses to weather the storm. Take a listen as he explains the following list for perseverance: Run the right race, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on

Visit the Copies&Ink Online Store: Brand New for 2020

There is exciting news at Copies&Ink: Hundreds of products from our product line are now available at our Online Store. You'll find all the same great brochures, booklets, business cards and letterheads, as well as dozens of new items you may not know we offer: Large Prints T-Shirts Trade Show

Copies&Ink for 2019

Bill Alpert, owner operator of Copies&Ink Though the year has changed, some things haven't. Like Copies&Ink's commitment to exceptional customer service. Since 1966 we've been taking care of our customers' business marketing needs. Our 2019 product mix includes a blend of new and old:       In Print:

Holiday Wish

Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA • Photo: Bill Alpert Design: Adobe Stock This is a wonderful time to remember the countless blessings we enjoy, even take for granted. Our families, friends and colleagues are truly a priceless gift. This beautiful planet, and the opportunities we enjoy as Americans are beyond

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