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Bill Alpert

Bill Alpert, owner operator of Copies&Ink

Though the year has changed, some things haven’t. Like Copies&Ink’s commitment to exceptional customer service. Since 1966 we’ve been taking care of our customers’ business marketing needs. Our 2019 product mix includes a blend of new and old:




In Print:
– Brochures, booklets, publications and mailers
– Printed forms, invoices and stationery
– Envelopes of all shapes, sizes and descriptions
– Corporate business cards, created online, from your own convenient company portal
– Newsletters and direct mail marketing

– Business Websites
– E-Commerce Enabled Websites
– Email Marketing

– Copy Writing Services
– Graphic Design/Production/Editing

Contact us for information and pricing:


Holiday Wish

By Bill Alpert / December 14, 2017

Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA • Photo: Bill Alpert Design: Adobe Stock

This is a wonderful time to remember the countless blessings we enjoy, even take for granted. Our families, friends and colleagues are truly a priceless gift. This beautiful planet, and the opportunities we enjoy as Americans are beyond compare. Above all, we are forever linked by the boundless love of a creative force beyond our imagination. Let 2018 bring us together, let it bring the recognition that we are as one. Peace on Earth!

2016 Postage Rates

The Postal service is still the number one go-to option for direct marketing, even in deep into digital 2016.  

It’s always been the same; choosing the right products and services from the postal service can be confusing. The following pages might help:

For your reference: here’s the master price list of USPS products and services:

Furthermore, a handy mailing piece size reference chart can be found here:

The are many pitfalls when you work with direct mail. Before you begin your next design, be sure to check the rules. Mistakes can be very costly. If your project involves mailing more than a few hundred pieces, it easily pays to work with an experienced service provider. More often than not, you’ll save money in the long run.

Call me at 909-948-3550 if you’ve got questions or need assistance! ~Bill Alpert

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