Project Description

About the Ampersand

Copies&Ink is our name, and also our way of describing two different technologies, both perfect for your print needs:

Copies stands for digital or toner based printing. Well suited for short run and quick turnaround projects. AKA digital printing. In 2020 copying quality meets very high commercial quality standards. Most people can’t tell it apart from traditional printing processes.

Ink stands for the time-honored tradition at the foundation of our company, the printing press. Our presses take over when projects are too demanding for the digital printing or copying. We use printing for larger orders, long runs and demanding substrates that won’t accept toner.

The Ampersand in Copies&Ink brings you the best of both worlds, traditional printing and modern digital printing. It’s all available for you; a huge variety of innovative products and services shipped from across North America.

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