If you enjoy podcasts, Guy Kawasaki has a wonderful series called Remarkable People. In a recent episode, he recounted ten steps to for businesses to weather the storm. Take a listen as he explains the following list for perseverance:

  1. Run the right race, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Focus on maintaining cash. Cash is king.
  3. Cut deeper than you think.
  4. Work directly with your customers
  5. Reach out to your existing customers.
  6. Don’t wait for white knights and silver bullets.
  7. Be transparent with your employees
  8. Give to get. 
  9. Evaluate your supply chain. Think local.
  10. Do the things you’ve never had time to do. Learn new skills.
  11. Ask the question: Therefore, what?

If you suddenly find yourself with more free time than you’ve ever had before, perhaps there is a silver lining in step #10. For me that was updating a neglected website and online store.

How will you use this time? Can you find your own silver lining?