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When Targeted Direct Mail is Oxymoronic

By Bill Alpert / June 30, 2013

Have you asked yourself this question: “Who is my targeted customer?” If so, the question itself could be very telling. Across my 35 years in the world of business, I’ve seen many companies come and go. Sadly, I have to make this observation: We spend far too much time on superficial marketing and tactical activities when the […]


Newsletter Confusion

By Bill Alpert / June 27, 2013

You know how to build a campaign. It’s Marketing 101, just the basics. A good list, creative design, a great offer. Bingo. We’re told it’s all about the numbers: reach and repetition. Write a great headline, use the right tools, hire a Flash whiz, get an account at Constant Contact. Hang in there. This strategy […]


How to Hack Your Phone Bill and Why You Should

By Bill Alpert / June 11, 2013

The larger a company becomes, the more it can suffer from flawed thinking. Like thinking “we’re the only game in town.” In the post industrial era, pomposity is the downfall of many a large consumer oriented company. Ask my “old friends” over at the local cable TV company, who practically reveled in providing an outlier […]

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