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Internet: Over Promise and Under Deliver

By Bill Alpert / July 20, 2010

It’s easy to get caught up in exciting new world of online marketing. You can now find endless articles, blogs, webinars and companies offering services related to search engine optimization, content marketing, social media and e-mail campaigns. It’s all so fast, sexy, and yes, cheap. What’s not so easy to find? Hard facts and case […]


The Eyes Have It

By Bill Alpert / June 7, 2010

Well it may not be as much fun as ABC’s LOST! but Photoshop User TV has done a nice job putting together an entertaining episode that will help definitely bump up your portrait editing skills. Enjoy!


BrandOne Marketing Coach Program

By Bill Alpert / April 12, 2010

Marketing is much like going to the gym. It’s something we should do every day, but often don’t get around to it. Frequently we do it wrong; only to make things worse. This is a huge problem for small businesses, where marketing gets stuck between a dozen other priorities. Even dedicated marketers within large corporations […]


Adobe Workshop a Hit

By Bill Alpert / November 9, 2009

Kelly McCathran from Adobe Systems leads workshop at Copies&Ink A word of thanks to everyone who participated at the recent Adobe PDF workshop at Copies&Ink. It certainly was a busy, informative session. Rave reviews abounded from everyone. Kelly has once again shared her personal list of links and free resources. Here they are, for those […]

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