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Newsletter Confusion

By Bill Alpert / June 27, 2013

You know how to build a campaign. It’s Marketing 101, just the basics. A good list, creative design, a great offer. Bingo. We’re told it’s all about the numbers: reach and repetition. Write a great headline, use the right tools, hire a Flash whiz, get an account at Constant Contact. Hang in there. This strategy […]


Real Printing Speaks for Itself and for You

By Bill Alpert / November 28, 2010

I’ve had the good fortune of growing up when printing was “real.” It meant real lead type, machine stamped ink into paper. The blood, sweat and tears that went into building every page somehow made each page more believable, more real. “Letterpress” printing died out in the late 60s, though today it is coming back […]


Wait! Don't Print Those Business Cards

By Bill Alpert / March 8, 2010

They are boring! They’re printed on that standard paper, using standard process inks, just like every other card you’ve seen lately. The text is lackluster, the result of software defaults. The logo doesn’t look quite right, and it’s lost in the cluttered layout. Worst of all, there’s no memorable message or emotional appeal to the […]


Graphic Design, Death and Opportunity

By Bill Alpert / June 12, 2009

Graphic Design: The Corpse and Your Opportunity Over a decade ago typographer and graphic designer Kathleen Tinkel wrote: Armed with our Macs, we presumed to compete with our creative partners (typographers, illustrators, airbrush artists, retouchers and more), helping to put some trades out of business. But the computer isn’t as capable as a talented artist […]

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