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Postage Rates Defy Logic

By Bill Alpert / April 9, 2008

It’s official: postage rates are going up again. It’s a process that seems to have accelerated in recent years. Perhaps the Postal Service didn’t get the memo about all the advertisers migrating to alternative forms of marketing. Starting next month first class postage will hit 42 cents, postcards 27 cents, each up one cent. Standard […]


What's my postage?

By Bill Alpert / March 28, 2008

Online Postage Calculator from the US Postal Service LATE UPDATE: Click here for information on the new NCOA regulations and special offers from Copies&Ink A question heard frequently at Copies&Ink is: What’s the postage tab for my upcoming mailing? Here’s the easiest way we’ve found to calculate postage for your business mailing, and also compare […]


Understanding Postal Endorsements

By Bill Alpert / January 30, 2008

Your mailing list is probably out of date, even before the moment you save that Excel file! It’s a hard fact, but almost always true. Here’s something you can do to make it better: If you send standard class mail (most folks call it bulk mail) the Postal Service gives you a method to route […]

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