How to Hack Your Phone Bill and Why You Should

The larger a company becomes, the more it can suffer from flawed thinking. Like thinking “we’re the only game in town.” In the post industrial era, pomposity is the downfall of many a large consumer oriented company.

Ask my “old friends” over at the local cable TV company, who practically reveled in providing an outlier level of poor service. They’ve turned angering customers into art form. They seemed to love maddening me with broken promises, and annoying me with constant a constant string of billing increases, some of them huge. But now they’re begging to get my business back.

And there’s the old standby, the local phone company, who left me high and dry on many occasions. When technical problems left me without incoming service, customers simply heard my phone ring endlessly. “Sorry, we can’t get anyone there until tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.,” I was told. By the way, my two lines of service, were being billed at something like $70 a month.

Well, I hatched a plan for both: transform myself from one of their highest margin customers, to the lowest tier possible profit tier. And I did it, literally killing two birds with one stone. Now, I’m inviting you to join the party!

A Quick How-To: Sticking it to the Man

With a standard broadband internet connection in place, you can have high quality local and long distance calling for $5 or $10 a month tops.

What You Need to make this work: a rock solid broadband internet connection. I’ve been successful using my cable provider’s connection, and also the local FIOS service in Rancho Cucamonga.

Start by purchasing this Obi 202 device on Amazon. If you use the provided link, we’ll donate our small Amazon sellers’ commission to a worthy local charity.

Next, port your existing phone service (or create a new line of service) using this link. Purchase the Anveo “value” or “unlimited” phone number. If you use referral code: 7108526 our small referral fee will be donated to charity.

Finally, you simply plug your standard remote phone system into the Obi 202 and configure your phones to connect to your Anveo account. Test your phones and you’re good to go. BTW, the Obi easily be wired into your wall jacks to work on any standard phone.

Now, the part you’ll enjoy the most: call your current telephone provider and tell them you are canceling effective immediately!

Is this good quality phone service? Call me at 909–948–3550 and you can be the judge!

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