iPad Sticker Shock? Try this $250 alternative.

Amazing $250 Samsung Chromebook 

Two years ago,  a very low life form swiped my first generation iPad from my office. It took me a full year to break down and buy another. The price tag, when all was said and done: $900.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the iPad, but I hate typing on it. And I equally hate lugging around an external keyboard. Had I know about this $250 alternative with an actual great keyboard built in, I might have reconsidered my iPad purchase. Check out the Chromebook’s great reviews on our Amazon affiliate page.

How could any decent laptop cost only $250? Simple, just remove the cost of  the operating system software. Instead replace it with Google’s Chrome OS. All the basics you’d want to do in Windows can be done in Chrome. Email, web surfing, text editor, even watching Netflix movies. It’s all there! Here’s a rundown of the Google/Chrome app universe to get you started. BTW If you found this recommendation helpful, please help support the Copies&Ink blog by visiting Amazon though our affiliate links on this page. Thanks!

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