New Rules for Business Mailing: USPS January 2013 Changes

You’ve probably heard that the cost to mail a First Class letter is going up a penny. More info on that here.

Notably, the largest impact of the Jan. 2013 changes involve standard class (read: bulk) mail. An effective cure for insomnia can be found in this PDF.

Here’s the short list for self mailers, our most popular product:

Sealing with a single tab is no longer allowed, two tabs are required to qualify for standard class discounts.





For tri-fold self-mailers, the mailing address must be on the middle panel, with the final fold creating the non-address side. Here’s what that looks like.





For “oblong” self mailers: the final fold must be on the right side, or ‘leading edge’. Here’s what that looks like, including options for tabbing.





Full Disclosure: This is not a complete list! There may be more changes and “interpretation” to come in the next few months. If there’s any doubt about how to design your upcoming mailer, drop me a note. I’ll run it by the our own postal specialists and even get you a pre-approval from the “man.”


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