It's a printing thing

I still get a rush from jogging a ream of printed brochures, freshly off the printing press.

It’s the same kind of rush your customer gets when she feels the rich texture of that paper between her fingertips.

When you’re designing for print, remember that the reader’s experience is tactile as well as visual. That’s why printing is unique and powerful.┬áSo choose your paper wisely, and you’ll communicate the benefits of your small business more powerfully. And that’s not to mention the potential savings in postage rates you get by making the right choice.

Paper selection is becoming a lost art. So much is printed on standard or “house” sheets, these days. That may save a bit of cost, but it also has that “me too” kind of impact on the user.

Come into our Rancho Cucamonga offices and you’ll find hundreds of paper swatches; it’s a feast for your fingers!

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Bill Alpert