The new world will be led by geeks!

By Bill Alpert / September 30, 2010

Do you agree that we now live in a world where great
thinking is pretty much valued above anything else?

We look for people and ideas that can help
us live happier, more prosperous lives. We seek out
these “idea leaders” for the direction and support
they can provide.

Yes, there are far too many self appointed experts
and molehill kings, but among the throng you can
also find a few truly inspirational figures.


I’m a bit of a geek at heart, so I’d like to share a video
created by four brilliant guys that have inspired me.
The language is a little dry, but if you check out the
visuals, you might be blown away.

These four and their colleagues are changing the
world by providing new tools to connect and
communicate. Don’t think for even a second that
it’s politicians that can bring change. The future is
being formed by today’s geeks. Like it or not, I dare
you to argue the point.


The Event


Here’s why I’m telling you all of this: The pace of
change is increasing by the day. It’s good to stop
and just take stock once in a while. That’s exactly
what we’re going to be doing here at Copies&Ink
on the morning of October 14.

The “patch match” video above is just one small
sliver of what you can expect from our featured
speaker, Brian Wood. Don’t let his down to earth
style fool you. He’s a true graphics expert that
will be sharing from his secret bag of tricks, both
online and in print.


I need your help.


Adobe is footing most of the bill for this event, so
in return I’d like to show them a great turnout.
I hope you can find a way to take a couple of hours
and join the fun. Coffee, tea and bagels on the house.


And here’s the big bribe:

One lucky raffle winner will go home with a free
full copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Premium. That’s
right, you must be present to win. This software
package sells for $1799 last time I checked.
Too bad employees of Copies&Ink and BrandOne
Marketing are not eligible to participate.

Sign up using this link. Tickets are free, so be sure
to select one of the free ticket options, if you
follow me on Twitter or FB.  You’re welcome to invite an
interested friend or two, within reason. But do it
now as this event has always been a huge hit and
we’re likely to run out of seats.


Why come to this event? Because you care enough
about your work and your clients to keep your
graphics skills in top form. Mediocrity won’t cut it
in the post-industrial world. To say the least.

Today, there’s much focus on improving sales
and marketing, yet so often what’s lacking is the
substance that can truly create value that lives
up to all of the hype.


One more inspirational figure comes to mind.
Ken Burn’s newest baseball miniseries reminded
me of the incredible Baltimore Orioles shortstop
who played an unprecedented 2632 consecutive
games over 17 seasons. Cal Ripken, Jr was often
the last person to leave the stadium, signing
autographs for long lines of fans and hitting
batting practice deep into the night, always
perfecting his art.

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