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Creative Corner: Cool Tools to promote your business

Dress up your card before you hit the town!

In a nutshell: a personalized, full color folder professionally designed to enhance your marketing image

The business card is the quintessential tool of professional networking. And what networker wouldn’t benefit from a proper introduction? Salespeople have long been told to have a 30 second presentation that encapsulates their unique advantage to the customer. Yet how often do we forget that basic axiom? The business card presenter is the perfect assistant that makes sure your message gets across, even if you can’t be there to present it.

Just the facts..

Business cards are intended as a storehouse of information: phone, fax, e-mail, etc. By cluttering a card with too much text (we see this all too often) you are diminishing it’s effectiveness. A clean card enhances your image, as well as legibility. Use the presenter to fill in the gaps. There’s even space to add a personal note.

Add your marketing truly personal with the C&I Business Card Presenter

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