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Adobe® Event at Copies&Ink

By Bill Alpert / August 30, 2010

Are you ready for a design refresher? Join us on October 14 for another in our popular series of Adobe Creative Suite Events. Presenter Brian Wood will be on hand with time saving tips and creativity starters for your print and electronic projects. He’s certain to bring us all up to speed on the latest […]


Incredible Journey

By Bill Alpert / May 21, 2010

Bella and Larry Alpert, Israel 1950 by Bill Alpert In 1953 my father first set foot on U.S. Soil. With only a single suitcase, Larry Alpert stepped off the Lockeed Constellation, along with two dozen immigrants, tentatively, yet full of hope, with eyes dazed by the sunlight, and with the anticipation of an adventure about […]


BrandOne Marketing Coach Program

By Bill Alpert / April 12, 2010

Marketing is much like going to the gym. It’s something we should do every day, but often don’t get around to it. Frequently we do it wrong; only to make things worse. This is a huge problem for small businesses, where marketing gets stuck between a dozen other priorities. Even dedicated marketers within large corporations […]


Copies&Ink featured on Adobe Website

By Bill Alpert / May 7, 2009

Copies&Ink was recently honored by Adobe Systems as a Success Story on the Adobe Systems website. Our thanks to Laura Thurman of Big Sky Communications who wrote the feature story, and our client Erin Johnson of Aubrey and Associates, whose project was also featured in the story. The article can be viewed online on here […]

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