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What Files Can I Send to Copies&Ink?

By Bill Alpert / May 9, 2016

Certainly “what file type(s) does Copies&Ink accept?” falls into the category of a most frequently asked question. Here are some simple answers: Adobe PDF files are great, if prepared according to generally accepted guidelines for commercial printing. Adobe Creative Suite is fully supported. Copies&Ink was an original Adobe Authorized Service Provider and Adobe Influencer in Southern California. Here […]


When Targeted Direct Mail is Oxymoronic

By Bill Alpert / June 30, 2013

Have you asked yourself this question: “Who is my targeted customer?” If so, the question itself could be very telling. Across my 35 years in the world of business, I’ve seen many companies come and go. Sadly, I have to make this observation: We spend far too much time on superficial marketing and tactical activities when the […]


iPad Sticker Shock? Try this $250 alternative.

By Bill Alpert / April 25, 2013

Amazing $250 Samsung Chromebook  Two years ago,  a very low life form swiped my first generation iPad from my office. It took me a full year to break down and buy another. The price tag, when all was said and done: $900. Don’t get me wrong; I love the iPad, but I hate typing on […]

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