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The Eyes Have It

By Bill Alpert / June 7, 2010

Well it may not be as much fun as ABC’s LOST! but Photoshop User TV has done a nice job putting together an entertaining episode that will help definitely bump up your portrait editing skills. Enjoy!


BrandOne Marketing Coach Program

By Bill Alpert / April 12, 2010

Marketing is much like going to the gym. It’s something we should do every day, but often don’t get around to it. Frequently we do it wrong; only to make things worse. This is a huge problem for small businesses, where marketing gets stuck between a dozen other priorities. Even dedicated marketers within large corporations […]


Adobe Workshop a Hit

By Bill Alpert / November 9, 2009

Kelly McCathran from Adobe Systems leads workshop at Copies&Ink A word of thanks to everyone who participated at the recent Adobe PDF workshop at Copies&Ink. It certainly was a busy, informative session. Rave reviews abounded from everyone. Kelly has once again shared her personal list of links and free resources. Here they are, for those […]


Adobe Event at C&I

By Bill Alpert / September 10, 2009

Building the Perfect PDF–Proof in the Pudding I looked it up; the actual saying is “The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating.” You’ll quickly be cooking up some tasty PDFs with the help of Adobe’s ace presenter/trainer, Kelly McCathran. Those that attended her last program at Copies&Ink were riveted by her wealth of […]

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