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InDesign Event at Copies&Ink Rancho Cucamonga

By Bill Alpert / October 15, 2010

Bill Alpert Introduces Event Does having deep knowledge of a software package like Adobe Creative Suite pay off? Is spending a few hours brushing up our skills at a graphics workshop a good use of time? If the speaker is Brian Wood of Adobe Systems the answer must be a resounding: YES! Just use one […]


New Tools, Same Old Traps

By Bill Alpert / May 6, 2009

OK, I love the web, and likely you do too. Still, I’ve been hard pressed to understand how “social networking” comes into play for business marketing. Most of what I’ve seen falls into the category of shameless self promotion. And that’s a shame. Certain hard truths will always be unavoidable, be it in print, direct […]


Recession Busting Graphics Software

By Bill Alpert / December 23, 2008

This article appears on NEWSFLASH: We’re officially in recession. Isn’t that a shocking revelation? Unless a bailout is coming your way, maybe now’s a good time to save some green on your company’s publishing software needs. People often ask me “what’s the best software choice for my newsletter?” (or brochure, business card, mailer, etc.) […]


Clipboard on Steriods

By Bill Alpert / November 12, 2008

OK, this is simple, cool, and best of all free. It’s a Macintosh utility that expands your clipboard into cubbyholes. Each time you copy to the clipboard, you fill a new cubby without overwriting your last clipboard copy. Using a menu bar item, or keyboard shortcut, you simply select the content you need and paste […]

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