Is your business card doing its max?

How hard is your business card working?

It’s a cross section of your marketing, and a big part of that all-important first impression. It’s easy to carry, and simple to deliver. It’s personal; frequently delivered with a handshake and a smile. It carries vital information, requires no batteries and it is often saved and remembered for years.

Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your own card. Does it harmonize with your marketing objectives? Is it clear and easy to read? Was it professionally designed and printed, or is it one of those freebie cards that in the long run cost you more money. Here’s some sage advice to remember: hire a talented graphic designer to create your company card, even if it’s the only such investment you can budget. Then get it professionally printed on quality paper stock.

Once all of that is done, how can you insure that the integrity of your card is intact, across every division and region of your company? All too often, a well-meaning staffer decides to dilute your work, by putting a personal stamp on the cards he/she orders. Fortunately, you can lock in every characteristic of company’s business card ordering system (including pricing and approval) by employing a web based business card managment system (BCMS).

At Copies&Ink, we provide business cards for individuals and workgroups of thousands. Your company can easily place card orders day or night, using an exclusive web portal, built to your specifications. It’s secure, accurate, fast and cost effective.

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